Bea Grushow, Project Manager

Bea Grushow, dedicated project manager at Brand Orbit, serves as a dynamic support for the implementation of marketing tactics, often functioning as an important link between our clients and their customers. 

Bea’s organizational skills have allowed her to assist with surveys, mailing and email marketing campaigns for businesses in a diverse range of sectors, such as manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, solar energy, and consumer goods.  Bea uses her exceptional attention to detail to cut costs for Brand Orbit and for its customers.

Before landing at Brand Orbit, she spent almost 40 years working in the accounting departments of a variety of businesses — from medical equipment distributors, retail stores to pool services. Bea loves children and enjoys spending her time away from Brand Orbit working in daycare.

Personal Statement

“I greatly enjoy attending to the small details in order to effectively problem-solve and help figure out how we, at Brand Orbit, can best enable our clients to benefit from who we are — a company that seeks to do good by helping businesses holistically prosper.”

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