Trade Show Attendance

Get the tradeshow ROI you want by working with Brand Orbit

The business literature available on the subject of achieving terrific results from being a tradeshow exhibitor is immense. And yet, year after year, billions of dollars are spent and wasted upon:

  1. terrific looking booths, but no real plan to drive attendees to them
  2. cheaply executed booths that reflect negatively on the company that they represent
  3. travel expenses for technical and/or sales people without any preparation to interact with customers and prospects in a specific manner that would generate an increased ROI
  4. giveaways that have little to do with an overall strategy of generating new business.

Secondly, add to this the fact of immense turn-over in technical and sales forces, and one can quickly have a former Company X employee selling for Company A in the Company X manner which doesn’t fit the needs of Company A at all. 

To achieve an impressive Return On Investment from a tradeshow schedule, extensive planning, communication and training should occur. Booth Success is a perfect piece of work to outsource because these are unique skill sets that you may not need year-round. We can help you achieve:

  • new business
  • new customers 
  • increased media awareness and respect 
  • increased current customer loyalty
  • and a bigger brand presence which all adds up to the perception that your products are more valuable than others’ products. 

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