David Phelps-Zink, Vice President

David’s career began with more than a decade of marketing and analysis experience from three of Southern California’s finer communications houses: Grey Entertainment, Western Direct Response and Russ Reid Company. He has worked on such accounts as Disneyland, ARCO, Bell South, United Health Plan, Habitat for Humanity, Los Angeles Rescue Mission, and World Vision among others. Skilled in both general and direct response marketing, David has developed expertise in strategic branding and “bang for the buck” accountability. His innovations in direct response have helped produce millions of dollars in net revenues to both not-for-profit and for profit organizations.

Over the last decade, David’s role in business development has brought him into conversation with thousands of top business leaders in the areas of high tech, venture capital, healthcare, local government, renewable energy, major events entertainment, higher education, public education, zoos, automotive, social service organizations, and more.

David’s job is to discover and understand your unique business situation, and to connect you with an expert team that will help you reach your market more effectively.

Personal Statement

In every professional role I ask three questions: What’s the business? Who’s the customer? What do they value? Getting good answers to these questions isn’t always easy…so I’ve learned how to pay attention to changes in the market, competitors, and most importantly, the customer. I’ve discovered that good listening is the foundation of good-to-great strategies and tactics, particularly in branding.

Every business is faced with evolving customer challenges that must be met. Rising to the task, I’ve made this my mantra: “Businesses don’t do business with businesses; rather, people do business with people.”


B.A. California State University
Chico, CA

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