Jun Ohnuki, Creative Consultant

As creative director at Brand Orbit, Jun Ohnuki applies years of professional experience to translating clients’ marketing objectives into compelling creative initiatives.

Jun oversees the creative process from start to finish, working closely with the design team to formulate and finalize visual identity for the company’s B2B marketing media — including graphics, company logos, print materials, digital experiences, and other brand communications. Jun’s work for Brand Orbit spans diverse promotional projects, allowing him to continuously explore and identify new ways to engage customer interest and more cogently convey clients’ unique marketing messages.

Jun began his career in design in high school, where he spent his summers working as a production artist at a successful design studio. He later went on to study studio art at Occidental College where he specialized in printmaking and drawing. After college, he pursued the design-side of creative practices in the certificate program at UCLA in design communication.

Throughout his life, Jun has applied his design talents to an eclectic set of creative work, including jobs in landscape architecture, interactive museum curation, hand fabrication, digital media, and music-related projects.

Personal Statement

My two highest priorities are legibility and impact. Design is about distilling the essence of a product, service, or idea into compelling visual language — one that can grab a person’s attention within milliseconds and leave a lasting impression. It is a fun puzzle and a rewarding challenge. I love working within parameters, to try to figure out how to best generate clean, compelling looks tailored to specific marketing objectives.”