Brand Orbit helps client produce first seminar at MODEX re storage diversification

Dateline: March, 2014 – Los Angeles

One of the largest supply chain industry events is held every two years in Atlanta–MODEX. Education for supply chain professionals is a natural part of industry events, but until 2014, no storage company had tackled the topic of ROI resulting from storage diversification. 

Western Pacific Storage Solutions ( addressed an important issue for single site/privately owned and multi-site/publically owned warehouse operators in a new seminar about how to find hidden capacity within existing space. 

The Brand Orbit team assisted in writing the speaking points, creating the over all flow of the seminar and its related slide deck, as well as promoting the seminar. 

In addition to rehearsing the industry panel-participants, the content was leveraged by video-taping the seminar for use as a future webinar and then turned into blog posts. 

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