Brand Orbit Client, 1st Enterprise Bank, Hits Front Page of Orange County Register

Dateline: October 3, 2007 
LOS ANGELES, CA– 1st Enterprise Bank landed on the front page of The Orange County Register today. Headquartered in downtown Los Angeles, 1st Enterprise Bank opened a second office in Orange County in September. 
Industry observers consider 1st Enterprise Bank one of the fastest growing de novo banks in recent history. Their strong first year growth is attributed to an experienced leadership team, loyal customers and engaged board members. Founded in 2006, 1st Enterprise Bank serves entrepreneurial businesses, professional and non-profit organizations and their owners with a full range of credit, depository and cash management services. 
The 800-word article continued onto page 2 and featured a candid interview with C.E.O. John Black and President K. Brian Horton. With the opening line of “Is John Black crazy?”, reporter Mathew Padilla uncovered what Black and Horton are providing to small and mid-sized businesses in both Los Angeles and Orange County. 
1st Enterprise Bank has been a Brand Orbit client since early 2007. To the firm’s credit, Horton stated, “You can’t quantify the good will that this article generated in Orange County for us.” 
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