Beckett Client, B.I.G. Enterprises, Hits Front Page of L.A. Times

Dateline: August 24, 2006 

LOS ANGELES– B.I.G. Enterprises (, the nation’s leading manufacturer of high-security and blast-resistant booths and enclosures, landed on the front page of the L.A. Times Business Section today. Interest in the firm’s products has grown as the threat of terrorism continues. Providing high press visibility has been a key marketing tactic used by B.I.G.’s marketing communications firm, Beckett & Beckett, Inc., to increase awareness and target new prospects. 

The 650-word article continued onto page 11 of the Business Section, detailing the company’s history and culture. It detailed the way B.I.G. products have been produced and marketed and included substantial quotes from B.I.G.’s president, Mr. Preston King. The article chronicled the company’s many successes, including high-threat placements of the firm’s booths in high-profile business and government locations, including Iraq and Afghanistan. 

B.I.G. Enterprises has been a Beckett client since 1988 and has quadrupled in size during that time. Preston King, president of B.I.G., credits the Beckett team with positioning B.I.G. at the top of their category. The front-page story generated an influx of telephone calls and Internet inquiries to B.I.G. 

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