Direct Mail

Harness the Power of Direct Mail (snail-mail or email) 

According to a study by the U.S. Post Office, 78% of all business people still take their unsolicited mail quite seriously. Business people have a fiduciary responsibility and we know that we should stay on top of the latest and greatest offerings. We don’t arbitrarily “round file” unsolicited mail. 

Digital is big; some marketers spend more than half their marketing budgets on digital. Still, we see ground-mail campaigns as tremendously useful–because they stand out more today than a dozen years ago. 

Direct mail works–no matter the medium. Why do marketers use Direct Mail?

  1. 85% use it for current customer retention
  2. 81% use it for new customer acquisition 
  3. 53% use it for identification/tracking of niche markets
  4. 45% use it for customized/tailored product offerings 
  5. 36% use it for identification/tracking of under-performing segments

Brand Orbit staff are experts at Direct Mail Communication and can help you avoid serious mistakes. It’s all about results and we know how to help you get them (in digital or non-digital form).

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