Recent Research Indicates Business-to-Business Media Remains Strong Tool to Help Close Sales

October 11, 2018 3:07 am

Seminal research shows strength of business media recognized by buyers and readers.

NEW YORK– The positive feelings that marketers have toward business media – especially business-to-business magazines, business-to-business Web sites and events – is well-deserved, according to the research presented by American Business Media at the offices of Bloomberg LP today.

To study the mindsets of marketers in the business media arena, ABM commissioned Forrester Research to conduct the “Digital Marketing Shift.” To understand the end-user, ABM commissioned Harris Interactive to research how media end-users (readers, event attendees, and online participants) use business media in their decision-making.

The Harris research corroborates why marketers feel strongly about business media as outlined in the Forrester study.

The Harris research, released for the first time today, found:

  1. Trust in online media is growing among business-to-business end-users. However, while many marketers are focused on online media, they need to recognize that a synergy of different business-to-business media is the best way to deliver their message.

    In fact, end-users readily acknowledge a link between seeing an advertisement in multiple business-to-business media and having a brand be more top-of-mind, highlighting the benefits of advertising in different media.
  2. Marketers now have the information about the influence of online advertising they seek. End-users report rising trust and half say these online advertisements lead to making/recommending purchase. In fact, all media platforms proved valuable in the purchase process according to end-users.
  3. Almost six in 10 executives (57%) say that an advertisement in a business-to-business magazine prompted them to purchase or recommend purchase of a product or service.
  4. Trade shows also drive executives to seek additional information either on the web (77%), by talking to a sales person (73%) or calling a 1-800 number (40%).
  5. Trade shows, with their hands-on advantage, are great places to make a sale with seven in 10 (70%) executives purchasing or recommending the purchase of a product or service directly as a result of advertising/promoting at a trade show.
  6. Marketers need to recognize that business-to-business media enhance the efforts of their sales organizations as a significant majority of end-users believe business-to-business media should be an important part of an integrated sales initiative.

“The fact that the opinions of end-users and buyers of business media agree so thoroughly on the strength of all of media platforms is important not only to illustrate the power of our industry,” said Gordon T. Hughes II, president and CEO of American Business Media, “but it also speaks to the fact that print, digital platforms and face-to-face events complement each other when it comes to brand image and lead generation. The fact that our media platforms generate such trust among both groups surveyed is a heartening tribute to the integrity of business media.”

Both of these seminal research works are available in their entirety at

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